Privacy Policy:

To serve the clients’ requirements and give a wonderful service experience, Digital Gutsy accepts some personal information from their clients, which stores in possession of the company.

Digital Gutsy Needs the following sets of information:

  • Information provided through the website like- name, user ID, e-mail addresses, designation, nationality, country name, academic qualification, phone number etc.
  • Information about your computer, like- IP Address and about the sites that you are visiting.
  • Information collected through the Cookie Policy.

Digital Gutsy (DG) use your personal information to give you an unforgettable service experience, however, they are well aware of your privacy. DG can use your information to fulfil the following purposes—

  • To offer better troubleshooting services, site maintenance and smooth user ability.
  • To identify the most visited section of your website and measure the website traffic.
  • To generate your User ID.
  • To contact you and answer your queries.

If you refuse to provide the set of information that is mandatory to fulfil your requirements, then DG may not be able to offer the best service experience to you.