Refund Policy:

Digital Gutsy follows a refund policy that strictly depends on industrial norms. DG deals with unbiased assessment practices and all the refund claims are based on vigilant limitations to ensure mutual agreement. The refund policies are based on appropriate measures to solve distinct types of claims and issues.

This Refund Policy says about Digital Gutsy’s action and approach for refunds. This refund policy will not be valid for the services that DG does not offer.

Your refund complaint will be checked at first and send to the technical team, if they cannot solve the issue, DG will think further about the refund procedures.

While processing the refund, the validation of the case and other conditions related to it will be identified.

Refund is possible when all the conditions are satisfied.

When all the refund norms are matched, you can expect your refund within 7-10 business days (after the refund agreement is signed). And the refund will be generated in the currency that you were charged during the deal.  Any kind of loss during this refund policy does not belong to the company.